Garlic Kale Chips

Garlic Kale Chips in bowl

The first time I tried kale chips I was hooked. They provide the perfect salty snack that I crave but without the greasiness of regular chips. Just like other chips, I tend to find it hard to eat just a few at a time. But I really like how these garlic kale chips don’t make me feel icky after eating them as many other chips do.

kale chips in bowl

A lot of times I have kale salads for lunch so sometimes after meal prepping my lunches for the week I have extra kale leftover. A way I like to use up this extra kale is by turning it into kale chips! It is an easy healthy snack that I can enjoy throughout the week and it helps keep my potential food waste to a minimum.

So whether you’re looking to use up some extra kale in your fridge or if you are just looking for a salty healthy snack. This recipe will not disappoint.

Lets go through just how easy these kale chips are to make!

Steps For Making Garlic Kale Chips

Wash and Dry Kale

First, you’ll need to wash the kale and dry it off either with a salad spinner or a kitchen towel. I’ve skipped the drying off part before and they turned out less crispy than I wanted. So be sure to dry them off well if you want your kale chips to be crispy.

Coat Kale with Oil and Garlic Mixture

Next add the kale, oil, and garlic salt to a bowl. Mix until all the kale pieces are coated with the oil and garlic salt mixture. Make sure all the kale pieces are covered thoroughly with the oil mixture. I find it easiest to use my hands and check each piece to make sure there are no dry spots that have not been coated in oil.

Arrange Kale on Baking Sheet

Then, lay kale pieces out flat on a baking sheet. We like to cover our baking sheets with foil first just so then we don’t need to wash them afterward. One way that I have found to get crispier kale chips is by laying them on a wire rack that fits on top of the baking sheet. This helps them get crispier and bake for less time.

Bake Kale

Lastly, bake the kale pieces for about an hour. You’ll notice that they do shrink up quite a bit from being baked. So keep that in mind when you are ripping the kale into pieces at the beginning.

Cool and Enjoy

Once they are done baking let them cool on the pan before serving or putting in an air-tight container.


Garlic Kale Chips

Healthy kale chips with a hint of garlic and salt. An easy and perfectly salty snack that doesn't make you feel guilty about eating chips!
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 5 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine American



  • Adjust oven racks to lower middle and upper middle. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Wash kale thoroughly. Dry the kale by laying flat on a towel and dabbing the water off it. Rip kale into the deseared chip size peices. I like them about 2 inch peices.
  • Add kale pieces, oil and garlic salt to a medium size bowl. Mix until all the kale pieces are coated with the oil and garlic salt mixture. I find it easier to do this with my hands so I can make sure all of the kale is covered.
  • Line 2 baking sheets with aluminum foil. Place a wire rack on top of each baking sheet. If you don't have a wire rack that fits nicely on your baking sheets you can do without it. However, I find the chips get crispier when they are baked on a wire rack instead flat on a baking sheet.
  • Arrage the kale peices on the two baking sheets. Becareful to not overlap peices beacause this will affect their ability to dry and bake crisply.
  • Bake kale for 60 minutes. Switch the bottom pan to the middle top rack and the top pan to the lower middle rack halfway through baking.
  • Let chips cool once they come out of the oven. After they are cool, carefully take the chips off the wire racks by flipping the racks upside down and allowing the chips to fall off onto the pan or a serving dish. These kale chips can be stored in an air tight container for about a week.
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