About Us

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Hello and welcome! We’re Charlie and Jackie, the couple behind Delicious Healthy Home. This blog is just starting out and currently in development, so we are actively adding content and getting things set up (mostly behind the scenes updates right now). is on hold until we can get back to it.

We are software developers by profession, but have always loved cooking and baking together. Starting a food blog has always been something that sounded fun to us. We have always enjoyed trying out the new recipes we would find online, on tv, and in cookbooks. Over time, we found that we got to a point where we started experimenting more and more with recipes. First, just by changing some ingredients in existing recipes, and then by trying to make up recipes from scratch. Over time we started to develop quite a few things we really enjoyed.

We love making delicious and healthy recipes in our home and wanted a place to share them. We don’t prescribe to any specific diet, we’re omnivores (we eat everything). We try to focus more on eating a wide variety of whole, less processed foods, that are high in nutritional content. We don’t use any refined sugar. When we use grains, we only use whole, gluten free grains. We also like to make lots of dairy free and grain free recipes.

We hope that you will find recipes that you enjoy making in your home. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!